6 speakers in 60 minutes series

Each speaker will use their allotted 10 mins to bring you specific and precise leadership learnings

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Please join us to hear from 6 speakers bringing you insights on a variety of topics that are important as leaders in your organization. Each speaker will use their allotted 10 minutes to bring you specific and precise leadership learnings. All the speakers will remain to the end during which time we will do a 30 minute Q&A follow up for all questions.


David Anderson   - The 10%/90% rule of leadership. When communicating as a leader the 10%/90% rule is leadership communications is 10% what you say and 90% how you say. If you feel like people are not listening to you then this rule may help you be a much better leader.

Dennis McIntee   - This session will provide proven, practical strategies that leaders and teams can use to lower their stress, give and utilize feedback more effectively,  and develop more personal accountability. These strategies eliminate the toxic mindsets and behaviors that allow drama to thrive.

Roger Hurni   - Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Google, Netflix, Uber, Orange Theory Fitness, Ring Door, Ritz Carlton, American Express. These are part of an   elite group of brands that employ Behavior Design in their products, sales, marketing and customer experience. In the new world of business, it has become critical for organizations to understand what inspires their audiences and drives them to take action. This presentation examines and informs attendees about the models and methods of Behavior Design and it demonstrates how Behavior Design can be used in your business.

Abida Nelson   - “The lessons my mother taught me.” Hear from a successful business woman who has never forgot the simple lessons her mom taught her that have   helped her transform her life. Hear how she is using those lessons to ensure her child, who was born with disabilities, is also able to succeed in life.

Ami Kassar  - Ensuring your financial house is in order during these challenging times should be a top priority of all business leaders. Knowing what metrics to watch and ways to shore up your balance sheet are key topics that will be covered.

Jamie Douraghy  - How to be effectively understood as a leader through knowing your WHY and playing to your Strengths.


The purpose of this talk is simple:

1. Know yourself

2. Perform Better

3. Increase your capacity in life and work

As is often quoted: “The visionary can see the better world, the strategist can see the route that will take us there.” When our internal visionary and our external strategist connect we have clarity that inspires others to follow.

Great opportunity to hear from and rub shoulders with 6 excellent speakers Tuesday August 11th 2020 - 1 - 2.30pm EST!