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I'm excited to see the continued growth of Peer Groups within The Radix Group



  • They provide a sense of shared identity.
  • You can build some great friendships or common bonds which last for years
  • Many leaders feel isolated on an "island" and need a trusted team of advisors around them
  • They are organized around high trained "facilitator"
  • There are tight rules around confidentiality as sometimes personal issues come up
  • They have immediate access to high quality tools and exercises.

The focus of Peer Groups is around action, implementation and a level of accountability which you have not seen before. The meetings will fully embed what you learned in life to this point, in service of the goals that will really move the needle in your life - across your health, wealth, and relationships

  • Due to the overwhelming success of our existing Peer Groups, I am making this more accessible to other CEO's globally
  • We will be a small group of 6-8 people who are CEO's or Business Owners
  • Everyone in the Group will have common goals and has similar challenges in business and other areas of your life. When forming groups, we will avoid overlap or competitors
  • We will have the option of monthly virtual groups or meetings every quarter with homework
  • Accountability will form a key part of the Peer Group, as well as shared experiences, hot-seating, and Q&A from the facilitator and your peers
  • We will offer an in-person 3-day annual retreat as an optional extra

So, in short, for the same amount typically invested in a one-off long weekend trip, we will create positive changes that will last a lifetime!

The investment ranges from $400 to $750/month depending on your level of involvement. This is a 12-month commitment.

I'm excited for you to commit to a Peer Group and help you reach the next level... across your health, wealth, and relationships!


After completing the course, we can guarantee:

  • Increased profitability for your business
  • Higher level of self-confidence
  • Help building your Company Roadmap or Exit Strategy
  • Continue the journey with your Peer members in a private social media group
  • You will achieve more in these 12 months than ever before

Name: Robert Clinkenbeard - High Performance Coach


Mobile: 480-251-2366